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Megan Brobst(non-registered)
I love the photographs you took of the Vettori family! They really capture the essence of violin-making.
Fran Cohen(non-registered)
Marsha, your photographs are incredibly beautiful. I love your website!
Marsha your photography keeps moving up to another level. I enjoy looking at your pictures and reading your blog. So informative and creative!
Lawrence Rabinowitz(non-registered)

I love your work - period !

Manfred Kusch(non-registered)
Hi Marsha--

Thanks for this great blog and images of the city. I am so focused on birds that I rarely take the time to take landscape or city pictures. While you were taking a guided tour of the city, Domingo, Don, and I took a taxi to the Botanical Garden to look for hummingbirds and orchids but we found less than you. I'll be happy to share your blog with Jamie, my wife, who often complains that I don't bring home enough pictures that give her a flavor of the environments and the people I have encountered during my travels. So keep them coming, they are much appreciated.

Philip Shima(non-registered)
Very impressed with this elegant travel photography blog. I was hoping to see some tech notes on your xlnt photography, including your use of HDR and post processing.
sidra syed(non-registered)
Hi Marsha. thanks for sharing, loved the pics......great to see kenya through your eyes. the shot of the zebras & hot air balloons, was fantastic!
Sheila Hamanaka(non-registered)
Hi Marsha, a friend of mine tole me about your wonderful Kenya photos.
Elaine MacLeod(non-registered)
Hi Marsha, I had lunch with Santoso today and he mentioned your website. I will be back to look at more pictures but loved what I saw so far.
Lynn Muller(non-registered)
Thank you for giving me the privilege of enjoying your travels with you. You have captured the life of the people, and the gorgeous natural landscapes. The cities of Italy really melted my heart. Keep on travelling so we can see more of your work!
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