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Snow at Mount Assiniboine National Park

January 17, 2017  •  11 Comments

 The day before we were leaving Mount Assiniboine we were fortunate enough to wake up to a winter wonderland.

This photo was taken just hiking around the lodge.



Eventually I made my way down to the lake below the lodge.


It started to warm up in the afternoon and the snow started to disappear off the trees.
On our last day in the park, a few of us went on a different hike.  Much of the snow had melted by now. I still thought this pond was very pretty.


A photo of our group  in front of the lodge waiting for our helicopter to arrive. 

The morning started out pretty foggy so we were a bit concerned about the ride down but the fog disappeared and all was well.  The lodge was actually closing for the season on the day we left.  I watched the helicopter flying in.

One last look at the lodge before walking over to the helicopter pad.

On the way down, I was fortunate enough to sit in the front seat of the helicopter with the pilot.  Here are a few shots taken from the helicopter.



Once back on the ground, we waited for the rest of our group coming down on the next helicopter.

After checking into our hotel in Cranbrooke, we headed out to Lake Louise.  We didn't have a lot of time but it was worth seeing the lake.  We then had a fabulous dinner at the Chateau Lake Louise.  




Carol Omaggio(non-registered)
As usual your pictures are fabulous. I assume this is a Canadian national park in Alberta. Who was the photo trip leader? I was on a workshop to Banff national park in 2015. The Canadian rockies are beautiful!!! What time of year was this trip?

Where are you going next?

Great job Marsha!! I so enjoy your blogs.
Elaine MacLeod(non-registered)
The two photos from the front seat of the helicopter are stunning.
tricia Matheson(non-registered)
Stunning, dramatic, and down right gorgeous. Think I like the second photo in this series the best, with the fog swirling around the mountain and all the snow. The photos really show how quickly things can change. Great photos of the red helicopter, and Lake Louise looked lovely the colour of the water in that lake is like nowhere else. There is almost nothing left of the glacier at the far end of the lake. So glad that you had an end of expedition meal at the fabulous Chateau Lake Louise.
so awesome!! I hope you are well!! great work
William Barek(non-registered)
Great visual testimony to our natural treasures, captured with artistic expertise...
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