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Wrapping up my visit to Gros Morne, Newfoundland

September 01, 2016  •  10 Comments

In the last couple of days in Gros Morne, we spent some time exploring Rocky Harbour and re-visited a few places that we had been to.

20150801_Portfolio Photos_000120150801_Portfolio Photos_0001 There was a popular fish and chips stand in Rocky Harbor.  I didn't try the fish and chips here but I did eat them in a pub one night and they were delicious.

20150801_Portfolio Photos_000220150801_Portfolio Photos_0002


20150801_Portfolio Photos_000320150801_Portfolio Photos_0003 One afternoon we went back to the Noris Point area, outside of  town.  Here we met lots of very nice people living or summering in the area.  

20150801_Portfolio Photos_000520150801_Portfolio Photos_0005


20150801_Portfolio Photos_000420150801_Portfolio Photos_0004


20150802_Portfolio Photos_001020150802_Portfolio Photos_0010 Our last sunset photos were taken the night before we left Newfoundland.  We went back to the beach south of Green Point (or as we like to call it, No Name Beach).

20150802_Portfolio Photos_001120150802_Portfolio Photos_0011 A long exposure shot towards the end of the evening.

20150802_Portfolio Photos_000620150802_Portfolio Photos_0006 This next few shots were  taken walking around Rocky Harbour.  

20150802_Portfolio Photos_000720150802_Portfolio Photos_0007   20150802_Portfolio Photos_000120150802_Portfolio Photos_0001


20150802_Portfolio Photos_000820150802_Portfolio Photos_0008


20150802_Portfolio Photos_000920150802_Portfolio Photos_0009

A view of our cabins in Rocky Harbour.

20150803_Portfolio Photos_000120150803_Portfolio Photos_0001 Sunrise on our last morning.



Really nice pictures Marsha!
Gwendolyn Rattle(non-registered)
I stayed in Norris Point at beginning and end of my travels along the Great Northern Peninsula. Loved the area, especially the view from the lounge at 5 p.m. as the sun came in the windows from the west.
Thanks for sharing your experiences of one of my favourite spots on this earth.
Beautiful pics of a beautiful place! I too love the garbage cans. Love the bright colors and the reflection in the water. No overnight parking? Looks like a perfect place to park a trailer when the puddle dries up. The pic of the fences in the field of flowers is interesting too. Another awesome trip.
Wonderfull! And photography and the blog!
I loved the "garbage" photo. The colors were wonderful as was the reflection and the placement of the cans off centre. As well I thought number 5 was very good. The diagonal line gave the eye direction, the soft colors and texture on the house were pleasing and the somewhat foggy background contrasted well with the clear framing of the house. Bravo!
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