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Gros Morne, July 29th and 30th.

August 06, 2016  •  11 Comments

On the morning of July 29th, the sunrise shoot was actually cancelled this morning (the one and only time).  It was raining so whoever had gotten up went back to sleep.  We met later on and went into town and took some photos in the gardens of a restaurant (JavaJack's)


Panning shot of flowers in the garden.

20150729_Newfoundland_000320150729_Newfoundland_0003 It was cloudy for the day (but no rain) so we were able to head out to the beach for some afternoon shooting.  We went to Hogsweed Beach in the afternoon.  

20150729_Newfoundland_000120150729_Newfoundland_0001 Ivar and Georgia (Bruce in background) taking a break.

20150729_Newfoundland_000120150729_Newfoundland_0001 Alice admiring the rocks.

20150729_Newfoundland_000120150729_Newfoundland_0001 Dorothy hard at work.

20150729_Newfoundland_000120150729_Newfoundland_0001 Natalie reviewing her photographs

20150729_Newfoundland_000120150729_Newfoundland_0001 Rick



20150729_Newfoundland_001020150729_Newfoundland_0010 An abstract view of canoes at Noris Point.  

20150730_Newfoundland_000120150730_Newfoundland_0001 The next morning we went back to Norris Point and the surrounding area.  













20150730_Newfoundland_001320150730_Newfoundland_0013 This photo was taken at a beach south of Green Point.

20150730_Newfoundland_001420150730_Newfoundland_0014 Our destination for the afternoon was Western Brook Pond.  Western Brook Pond is a fjord in the Longe Range Mountains, the most northern section of the Appalachian Mountains.  We had tickets for the boat ride through the fjords which meant a 30 minute hike to get to the dock.

20150730_Newfoundland_001520150730_Newfoundland_0015 Some of the scenery along the way.

20150730_Newfoundland_000120150730_Newfoundland_0001 This was the boat we were supposed to take.  Unfortunately, the ride was cancelled due to the foggy conditions.  Oh well an excuse for me to go back someday.

20150730_Newfoundland_001820150730_Newfoundland_0018 We walked back to the vans on the same trail but since there was no rush, I had more time to check out the scenery.



20150730_Newfoundland_002020150730_Newfoundland_0020 Later on in the day we found ourselves back at No Name Beach.



20150730_Newfoundland_002220150730_Newfoundland_0022 Our last stop of the day was Green Point Beach.   I think this was my favorite place in the park.

20150730_Newfoundland_002320150730_Newfoundland_0023 When we first arrived it was so foggy that you couldn't see much at all but it got better.  This time,  I spent my time on top of the cliffs looking down at the water.






Nice pictures. Very interesting place!
Craig Sundby(non-registered)
Too bad the day didn't work out as planned. But you did a great job of working with the conditions. I like your work with the rocks and abstracts. A nice set of photos for the day.
Gerda Grice(non-registered)
Some really beautiful shots here, Marsha!

You know, it's beginning to sound as if a whole lot of us were in Newfoundland in July. We must have just missed each other by a few days. I was there with a bus tour (it wan't a photo tour, but we did get lots of photo ops) from the 14th to the 23rd.

I wish I had your ability to remember where I took my shots, I've been struggling with maps and brochures and Web resources trying to pinpoint the locations of my shots--and that despite the fact that I took pictures of location signs whenever I could so as to have at least a fighting chance at identifying the locations. Ah, well! I did love Newfoundland and we were lucky enough to have great weather for all but one day of the trip. Looks like you had pretty good weather for most of your trip, too. Sounds like you enjoyed the trip, too!! See you at the Clubs soon. I won't be there for the first part of September, but I'll be home from the 18th of September on.
The first two were my favourites. Loved the photos of the gang at work. What a unique, beautiful place. Beautifully captured, Marsha!
Irene Walker(non-registered)
The top photo, panning of flowers, would make an awesome fabric! I particularly enjoyed your photos of the photographers. If I were them, I would have my photo framed and hang it right inside my front door! Actually, I'm in love with so many of your photos. The rocks. Great composition.
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