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Grow Morne, July 28th

July 27, 2016  •  7 Comments

20150728_Newfoundland_000220150728_Newfoundland_0002 Early morning photograph of  the colourful buildings in Rocky Harbour.   ​The harbour was previously known as Small Bay or Little Harbour.  The town is near the entrance of Bonne Bay.  Arrowheads have been found in the area which proved that Micman Indians once lived here.  During the 18th and 19th centuries, the harbour was frequented by  French fishermen.  The first year the town of Rocky Harbour appeared in the census figures was in 1874, when it had a population of 35.  Following the opening of Gros Morne National Park in 1973, the population further increased and services such as an RCMP detachment was added.  In 2011, the population was 979.  


A shot of the rapids.


We spent the early morning photographing around the beach in Rocky Harbor.  

20150728_Newfoundland_000820150728_Newfoundland_0008 The Norris Point area.

20150728_Newfoundland_001020150728_Newfoundland_0010 We came across a great little Inn in Norris Point which would have been another great spot to stay in.


People were very friendly in Newfoundland.  No-one ever had a problem with us trespassing on property to take some photographs.  Sometimes people would even invite us onto their deck.  

20150728_Newfoundland_001220150728_Newfoundland_0012 Richard photographing on the beach.



20150728_Newfoundland_001420150728_Newfoundland_0014 A pretty classic view of the area.  There were some kids playing in the fields.

20150728_Newfoundland_001520150728_Newfoundland_0015 On the way back to Rocky Harbour, a storm came up.  We stopped the car to photograph just before the rain came.  An observation about Gros Morne was that it could be raining in one spot and a few miles away, the sun could be out.



20150728_Newfoundland_001720150728_Newfoundland_0017 We had dinner at a local  pub with great fish and chips.  After dinner, I took a couple of photos of the docks of Rocky Harbour.  Lots of storm clouds tonight.



20150728_Newfoundland_001920150728_Newfoundland_0019 After dinner we drove to the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse.  The lighthouse was built in 1897, a great place to watch sunsets or crashing waves on stormy days.  The automated light is still run by the Canadian Coast Guard.



A view from the lighthouse looking out to the ocean.



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It was an awesome opportunity to visit this sort of site and I am upbeat to know. Much obliged to you such a great amount for allowing us to have this open door! I will be back soon for refreshes.
Hi Marsha,
Just came back from Kingston to find these wonderful photos. I particularly liked the moody skies in the Norris Point Area, the docks of Rocky Harbour and the lighthouse photo. They make me want to visit the province soon.
I really like the picture of the lighthouse as well as the photo of the colourful chairs at the inn. My favourite, however, is the picture of the road leading down to the houses and boat. There's something about the colours that I find very intriguing and inviting. It seems to really be representative of my ideas about the scenery (stillness) and beauty of Newfoundland.
You make it more and more difficult to pick favourites but I love the one with the wild flowers and the view from the lighthouse (plus all of the others). Great work!
Great pictures as always. It took me right back to our Newfoundland trip in 2008. Definitely a place I could go back to over and over.
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