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Gros Morne Park, July 27th

June 24, 2016  •  7 Comments

20150727_Portfolio Photos_000120150727_Portfolio Photos_0001 Another early morning.  Today we went back to Green point, where we had been the previous evening.  

20150727_Portfolio Photos_000220150727_Portfolio Photos_0002


20150727_Newfoundland_000320150727_Newfoundland_0003 Natalie lent me her fish-eye lens (ultra wide angle lens) which was fun to try out.


20150727_Portfolio Photos_000320150727_Portfolio Photos_0003 Georgia photographing beside the cliffs.  You get an idea of just how large these cliffs are.

20150727_Portfolio Photos_000420150727_Portfolio Photos_0004 A very close up of the actual rocks.  Great texture and colours in these rocks. 20150727_Portfolio Photos_000520150727_Portfolio Photos_0005

20150727_Portfolio Photos_000120150727_Portfolio Photos_0001 Rick photographing the beach.  

20150727_Portfolio Photos_000120150727_Portfolio Photos_0001 This photo was  taken just before walking down to the SS Ethie Beach   where we spent the afternoon.



20150727_Newfoundland_001520150727_Newfoundland_0015 Patterns of rocks on the beach. 20150727_Portfolio Photos_000920150727_Portfolio Photos_0009


20150727_Portfolio Photos_001020150727_Portfolio Photos_0010 It was a great beach to explore.  It was a bit tricky getting close to the water as the rocks were very slippery.  One of the members of the group did fall in the water but fortunately there was no harm done except for some wet clothes.   This beach was all about the rocks!


20150727_Portfolio Photos_001220150727_Portfolio Photos_0012

A close up view of the textures and colors of the rocks.

20150727_Portfolio Photos_001320150727_Portfolio Photos_0013


20150727_Portfolio Photos_000120150727_Portfolio Photos_0001

There were huge boulders on this beach.

20150727_Portfolio Photos_000220150727_Portfolio Photos_0002 This photo shows the rusty remains of the SS Ethie at Martin's Point between Cow's Head and Bonne Bay.  Its amazing that some of the boat still remains.  The story is that the boat was tossed by hurricane-ravaged waters until it ran aground  in 1919 and threatened to burst into flames.  There were a few heroic fishermen and a dog onshore desperately trying to save passengers and crew.  There was also a tale of a daring rescue of a baby stashed in an old mailbag dangling from a rope high above the raging sea.  Folk songs have been written about the tale, including "The Wreck of the Ethie".  

20150727_Newfoundland_003120150727_Newfoundland_0031 If you came on this trip, you had better enjoy taking photographs of rocks- fortunately I enjoyed it.

20150727_Portfolio Photos_000120150727_Portfolio Photos_0001 For something different, a closeup photograph of a tree on the beach.





Your first 2 were the best encouragement for rising early - spectacular! I also thought the right rock vertical shot was interesting, for its texture and what I see as an aboriginal in profile.
Keep it up, Beth
Gwendolyn Rattle(non-registered)
I loved the rocks and the variations. The orange and red tones are from all the iron in the area. Black carbon reminds us of the coal mines.
Bill Porter(non-registered)
Well done. The close up textures are good
I'm also a rock person and enjoyed the colors and textures in many of these photos, especially, early on, the close-up of the rock and later the almost lacy texture of another. The light and sometimes shadows in the first two were special for me as well.

Cheers, Beth
I love looking at your landscapes. You seem to be able to make magic with your camera - the scenes you capture are so beautiful. I don't know how you do it, but your photographs are so pleasing to the eye...and inspiring.
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