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Gros Morne Park, July 26th

June 10, 2016  •  10 Comments

This morning the group met at 5.30 AM which was our normal starting time in order to see the sunrise.  We had a short drive to "The Pond" as we called it.  This morning we had great fog.



20150726_Newfoundland_000420150726_Newfoundland_0004 We walked along the shoreline taking photos from different vantage points.  This turned out to be the only misty morning.






20150726_Newfoundland_001020150726_Newfoundland_0010 Eventually we left the pond and headed to Norris Point where we had been the previous morning.  A portion of The Anglican Church in Norris Point.

20150726_Newfoundland_001120150726_Newfoundland_0011 You can see it turned out to be a beautiful day in Norris Point.  People getting ready to go out boating.



20150726_Newfoundland_001320150726_Newfoundland_0013 We actually saw quite a few Minke whales in Norris Point.  However, I was unable to actually get a good photo of one.  It was too difficult for me to time them coming out of the water as you never knew where they were going to appear.

20150726_Croatia_000120150726_Croatia_0001 Later on we went to Green Point for our night photography.   Green Point is located 12 km north of Rocky Harbour and turned out to be a fabulous place to photograph.  We went here several times during the week and kept discovering new photo opportunities.  


20150726_Newfoundland_001520150726_Newfoundland_0015 There was a pretty nice sunset tonight.


20150726_Newfoundland_001720150726_Newfoundland_0017 In 2000, the cliffs at Green Point were approved as the Global Stratotype Section and Point for the base of the Ordovician system by the International Union of Geological Sciences.  I really don't know what this means but the cliffs were very impressive.  I did read that the shales represent a 30 million year record of deep-ocean sediments laid in a base-of-slope environment in the lappets Ocean.  The limestone layers indicate periodic avalanches from the shallower waters.  




There was some nice color on the rocks.

20150726_Portfolio Photos_011920150726_Portfolio Photos_0119

The light was constantly changing.  




After the sunset we got some great colors in the sky.  


It was finally time to call it a night.


The mist pics are amazing! Love the little red shack with the antlers above the door. So east coast. Such a pretty province. Great pics!
Gerda Grice(non-registered)
Beautiful images, Marsha! The misty morning ones are especially magical!
The foggy shots are well done as is the green sky!
The pictures in the fog are amazing - especially the one with the yellow house. All the pictures are great - I agree that it makes you want to grab that camera and head east.
Well done Marsha!
The images look great
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