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Evening in Dubrovnik

May 13, 2016  •  4 Comments

20150527_Ecuador_008420150527_Ecuador_0084 Before our group headed into Drubronik for the evening, I went for a short walk outside of the hotels' grounds.  This photograph overlooking the water was taken from a nearby road.  It didn't matter where I went in Croatia, the water was always pristine. 


20150527_Ecuador_008620150527_Ecuador_0086 Anna Lisa and I were practising taking photos with shadows (with Roman's guidance).   Of course watching him take the shot didn't help us that much because we just couldn't master his technique.    Roman is a true street photographer.  He holds his camera in one hand, around  waist  level to take many of his shots.  Then he angles the camera to the correct position, takes the shot and keeps walking.  This way people do not know that their photo is being taken.  I did actually try this in Split and found that I was getting shots that had no people in them and this was not the intention.  So this technique requires a lot of practise and a light camera/lens combination that can be held with one hand.  My shots were taken in the old fashion way- I got down low to the ground.



I loved the colorful clothes this woman was wearing.  

20150527_Ecuador_009220150527_Ecuador_0092 Roman deep in thought while we were eating pizza  in an outside cafe.

20150527_Ecuador_009320150527_Ecuador_0093  After dinner Anna Lisa and I wandered around the town before meeting the rest of the group.

20150527_Ecuador_009420150527_Ecuador_0094 There was some great light on some of the buildings by now.


20150527_Ecuador_009620150527_Ecuador_0096 We were taking advantage of the last of the light.

20150527_Ecuador_009720150527_Ecuador_0097 Allan had taken a similar shot in the afternoon so we copied him.





20150527_Ecuador_010020150527_Ecuador_0100 Hardly any light was left now and we weren't using our tripods but we couldn't resist photographing this cat.  



20150527_Ecuador_010220150527_Ecuador_0102 Anna Lisa and I had brought our tripods with us so we thought we should actually use them.

20150527_Ecuador_010320150527_Ecuador_0103 This is one of the best times to photograph- the blue hour, after the sun has set and before the sky goes black.



Once again, great pics! I particularly like the black & white pic with the young person using his smart phone and older man using his magazine/newspaper. Really makes a statement! Your use of the night light (blue hour) was great! I love those pictures!
The pic of the shadows shimmering on the wet pavement is awesome! Love the colorful lady too. The steeple lit up by the sun is my favorite. Great pics of a beautiful place.
I really like what you've done with the shadows in these pictures. The one with the arch is great and I really loved the one where you and Anna Lisa took the shot of the street with just a few people walking ahead. It's beautiful. I also really liked the city scene through the round opening in the wall. Very nice, Marsha, as usual.
Tamara Anne Brown(non-registered)
Beautiful photography. Very crafty, well composed and subject matter very interesting. Your talent shows in every scene and the balance of your subject matter is spot on. Thank you, I enjoyed your shots of Croatia, very much.
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