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Boating on the Neretva River

May 05, 2016  •  5 Comments

After leaving Mostar, we headed to the Neretva Valley, where Roman has friends who own a restaurant in a small village.  I had already explored the area as we passed through the town on our way to Dubrovnik but this time we enjoyed a ride on one of the 100 year old wooden boats.  We didn't really have a destination -we just spent an enjoyable afternoon on the Neretva River.  I have to say it was one of the highlights of our trip ( there were many).  In terms of photography it was difficult due to the harsh mid-day light but the scenery was still great.    


Some lily pads in the river.

20150528_Croatia_000220150528_Croatia_0002 Roman's friend and captain of our vessel.


Miles enjoying himself as always.  

20150528_Croatia_000420150528_Croatia_0004 Miles and Allen.  The strawberries in the basket  were huge and delicious, however I did not care for the drinks.  I was told that I wouldn't be able to taste the alcohol.  Miles and Allen should have had their cameras ready to catch my expression as I had a drink.


20150528_Croatia_000720150528_Croatia_0007 It was a very peaceful couple of hours on the river, absolutely perfect weather.   Again, the water was pristine.



20150528_Croatia_000120150528_Croatia_0001 An old boat on the side of the river.

20150528_Croatia_001420150528_Croatia_0014 The ducks all lined up nicely for us.

20150528_Croatia_000120150528_Croatia_0001 Another boat on the side of the river.

20150528_Croatia_001620150528_Croatia_0016 One of the many fishing nets we saw.

20150528_Croatia_001720150528_Croatia_0017 Some houses on the side of the river.

20150528_Croatia_001920150528_Croatia_0019 We were  happy to see this fisherman which added a lot of interest.  It was fun to watch him.

20150528_Croatia_002020150528_Croatia_0020 A close up view as his boat came nearby.




20150528_Ecuador_003020150528_Ecuador_0030  A close up photograph of Anna Lisa.







20150528_Croatia_003720150528_Croatia_0037 Kula Norinska is a monumental fortress from the 16th century.  The tower was built to guard the Ottoman Empire from the Venetian ships on the Neretva River.   Now the tower is neglected as you can see from the overgrown ivy.

20150528_Croatia_000120150528_Croatia_0001 I was wishing that I had brought a long lens with me as there were a lot of birds in the area.  



20150528_Croatia_004220150528_Croatia_0042 Getting back to the village.

20150528_Ecuador_000120150528_Ecuador_0001 At the end of the day we drove back to Dubrovnik for our final group dinner.



Tricia Matheson(non-registered)
Beautiful quality of light in your photos along the river. You have a great eye for composition as shown in your landscape shots here. As always, your portraits are superb. Love the shots of the fisherman in the rubber boots and captains hat, also Dubrovnik.
gwen rattle(non-registered)
A pleasant drift down a delightfully scenic river. You captured the tranquil mood exactly.
I love the peace and tranquility you've captured here.
Jenny Kirkpatrick(non-registered)
Your images convey a lovely sense of calm on the river. Thanks for sharing Marsha !
Gerda Grice(non-registered)
Beautiful images, Marsha, of what looks to have been a really enjoyable time in a delightful part of the world
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