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Durbrovnik, part 2

April 21, 2016  •  5 Comments

As always, it was more interesting to get away from the main areas and see the streets and housing where the people lived in the walled city. 20150524_Ecuador_003320150524_Ecuador_0033

One of the many apartments we came across.

20150524_Ecuador_003420150524_Ecuador_0034 One of the old streets.

20150524_Ecuador_003520150524_Ecuador_0035 Doors and alleyways that we came across on our walk. 20150524_Ecuador_003620150524_Ecuador_0036



There were outdoor cafes everywhere.



This puppy reminded me of the girls so I had to take its photo.


Ladies enjoying ice-cream at the end of the day.




A view of the main street looking at the Bell Tower of the Franciscan Monastery.

20150524_Ecuador_004620150524_Ecuador_0046 Kids having fun  blowing bubbles in the square. 20150524_Ecuador_004720150524_Ecuador_0047



Even in the side streets there were restaurants everywhere.


20150524_Ecuador_004920150524_Ecuador_0049 At the restaurant where we ate dinner, we could look directly into these windows.  20150524_Ecuador_005020150524_Ecuador_0050



After dinner, we had a little daylight left so we went for another walk.



20150524_Ecuador_005320150524_Ecuador_0053 20150524_Ecuador_005620150524_Ecuador_0056
Food in Dubrovnik is fairly reasonable and not nearly as expensive as Paris.  One dollar is worth about 5.5 Kn. 


Now it was starting to get dark so we headed towards the gate to leave the walled city.  You can see birds everywhere in the sky.  Roman said that was because it was going to rain the next day(and he was correct).


We saw a display of parrots on our way out.


Jenny Kirkpatrick(non-registered)
Another great selection of images Marsha !! and memories from my trip !
You know how much I love your street photography so I have a hard time picking favourites. I must say I love the parrots though.
Hi Marsha,

Loved the photos of the kids and the bright colors everywhere.
Brought back memories from a long time ago. I wonder, however, about your conversion of Kn into Dollars. 1 KN = 5.5 $ ? That would make food prices posted on the menus way more expensive than in the best restaurants of Paris :-). I suspect it's the other way round 1 dollar=5.5 Kn?
What a great collection of images!!! And welcome back!
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