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Walking the walls of Dubrovnik, part II

February 28, 2016  •  7 Comments

20150527_Ecuador_004820150527_Ecuador_0048 A view looking through one of the spaces in the wall.

20150527_Ecuador_004920150527_Ecuador_0049 A soccer  field /basketball court we saw as we were walking on the wall.  This is a great addition for people living in surrounding houses who want to play sports.  



20150527_Ecuador_005320150527_Ecuador_0053 There were even gardens in the old city.

20150527_Ecuador_005520150527_Ecuador_0055 A view of Stradun Street from above.

20150527_Ecuador_005720150527_Ecuador_0057 Another view of St. Lawrence Fortress.



At this point we were making our way to the end of the walk.

20150527_Ecuador_006420150527_Ecuador_0064 The rules of a travel photographer written on Roman's shirt  work for me.


20150527_Ecuador_006720150527_Ecuador_0067 I'm not sure I would want thousands of tourists walking by my house and laundry every day.





20150527_Ecuador_007220150527_Ecuador_0072 The "pirate" ship again.

20150527_Ecuador_007320150527_Ecuador_0073 Details of three bells on a church roof.







20150527_Ecuador_008020150527_Ecuador_0080 Back to Stradun (Placa) Street, the main open urban area of Dubrovnik and the most favoured promenade and gathering place.  Of course this is the busiest area as well in the old city.  This street is the widest and most beautiful street and divides the City into the northern and southern halves.  At the same time it is the shortest route  between the western and  the eastern City gates.  The Placa street was paved in 1468.  The limestone pavement remains polished from use.  As you can see it fairly shiny and bright.  

20150527_Ecuador_008120150527_Ecuador_0081 One of the characters on Placa Street.

20150527_Ecuador_008220150527_Ecuador_0082 20150527_Ecuador_008320150527_Ecuador_0083

Finally it was time to head back to the hotel.  In the photo, on the left, Miles was posing for me.  Anna Lisa, behind is already on her way up.  



Lynn Muller(non-registered)
I especially loved the pic of the interesting ship with the island. The sky gives it such interest. As usual, all the photos are terrific.
Barb Edwards(non-registered)
As a gardener I was intrigued by your photo of the garden. Just as I was thinking how densely packed in the buildings are in this city you showed a picture of well tended greenery. Wow!
Jenny Kirkpatrick(non-registered)
Special images of a special place !
Agreed. Your windows are always memorable especially in black and white. Also, loved the tee shirt on Roman.
Jane Jamison(non-registered)
Thanks for the preview, Marsha! I loved the images of the pirate ship and other water views, but your windows are always special.
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