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Another Day in Mount Assiniboine National Park

December 20, 2016  •  10 Comments


The next morning we were up again very early.  This time instead of hiking down to the lake, we photographed a different pond.

Our group went on a different hike after breakfast.  

One of the cabins in the park.


David Muench was one of the leaders of our group.  David is a famous  American landscape and nature photographer and one of the nicest people I have ever met.  


Every where I went I saw some spectacular scenery.  

After lunch a few of us went on a different hike.  

In the late afternoon  we did the difficult hike from the previous day again.  This time we left later in the afternoon and for some reason I found it easier.  Maybe I was getting used to the altitude.  

The photographs were similar from the previous day but of course the light was different.  



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Doris Diamond(non-registered)
Just got to look at this today - absolutely stunning! Each one makes me think that I could just reach my hands out and touch the landscape. So vibrant and spectacular.
Bill Porter(non-registered)
Well done. Makes me want to go back sooner rather than later.
janice Balesic(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures Marsha. It looks as if it was an amazing trip.
Tricia Matheson(non-registered)
Mount Assinaboine is the star of this group of photos. It has a lovely pyramid shape, complete with a glacier, and dominates the landscape. With your extensive hikes you were able to photograph it from so many angles. The surrounding landscape, which, while still in the tree line, is spectacular. Apart from the lonely cabins, and your fellow photographer, there is no sign of human activity. The photos are almost like a movie set, this landscape is so beautiful. Good to know that such places still exist!
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