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January 21, 2016  •  7 Comments

The town of Cavtat is on the Adriatic coast, 15 kilometres south of Dubrovnik.  The original city was founded by the Greeks in the 6th century but like most of the towns and cities in the area, was ruled by various empires/rulers over the centuries and also had several different names.  The modern Croatian name for the city reveals its ancient origins and its link with Dubrovnik.  Caveat is derived from Civets Vetus, that means old city in the Latin language.  

20150525_Ecuador_000320150525_Ecuador_0003 When we first arrived in town, it was raining heavily.    We actually waited in the car until the rain let up.  The best plan seemed to be to stop for a coffee while waiting(hoping) for the rain to stop.  We discovered that many people in town had the same idea-  today Caveat is a popular tourist destination with many hotels and private homes that rent rooms and apartments.  The seafront is filled with shops and restaurants.  You can even take a ferry to Dubrovnik which would not have been too much fun in the rain.

20150525_Ecuador_000120150525_Ecuador_0001 It did stop raining so we were able to go and explore the town.

20150525_Ecuador_000420150525_Ecuador_0004 A view of the town and inner harbor.  It sure was dreary out.  

20150525_Ecuador_000520150525_Ecuador_0005 A cat we came across on our travels-there were many.

  20150525_Ecuador_000720150525_Ecuador_0007 Some fishing nets.

20150525_Ecuador_000820150525_Ecuador_0008 Anna Lisa, another member of our group and I found a loupe trail that took us along the shore and back  into town.  There were lots of interesting trees along the path.

20150525_Ecuador_001120150525_Ecuador_0011 You can see that the weather was still looking pretty grim but the scenery along the shore trail was beautiful.  



20150525_Ecuador_001220150525_Ecuador_0012 We were almost back to the town again when it started to rain.

20150525_Ecuador_001420150525_Ecuador_0014  After lunch, the weather cleared up and this time all five of us went for another walk on the loupe trail, starting from the opposite end.

20150525_Ecuador_001520150525_Ecuador_0015  Here is a photo of an old boat we came across.

20150525_Ecuador_001620150525_Ecuador_0016 Another old boat beside the water.


Finally some nicer weather.  

20150525_Ecuador_002120150525_Ecuador_0021 You can see how clear the water was.  

20150525_Ecuador_002620150525_Ecuador_0026 This is a photo of the  trail we followed.

20150525_Ecuador_002520150525_Ecuador_0025 From the trail, there were a  lot  of cut offs to the beach.




People were finally able to get out and enjoy the day.  





20150525_Ecuador_003320150525_Ecuador_0033 Another view of the town with the nicer weather.  

20150525_Ecuador_003620150525_Ecuador_0036 An old boat in the harbour.



20150525_Ecuador_003420150525_Ecuador_0034 Some kids playing in the park.



20150525_Ecuador_004120150525_Ecuador_0041 Heading back to the car after a great day in Caveat.  




How long was your exposure on the clear water shot. the clouds are beautifully blurred. I though caveat meant "beware as in caveat emptor.
I love all of the boat photos and also the black & white of the trail. Very nice work Marsha.
gwen rattle(non-registered)
great variety of subjects in this collection. I love any photo with water and reflection, but yours here are unsurpassed in my viewing experience.
Jane Jamison(non-registered)
Sorry you had rain; I know from Sicily that heavy rain does not make for a fun day(s). I love the boat images--really nice.
I loved the town of Cavtat. There were so many cats and kittens there. I just looked at my old pictures and I can't believe it was in 2010. Sigh. Your pictures just make me want to go back again.
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