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Porto in the rain

August 11, 2015  •  6 Comments

20140928_Ecuador_000120140928_Ecuador_0001 I took a few photos as I walked across the bridge.   Rain was definitely on the way.



20140928_Ecuador_000320140928_Ecuador_0003 I was prepared to move quickly if a train came out.

20140928_Ecuador_000520140928_Ecuador_0005 It started to rain heavily so Nancy and I  went into the train station, Sao Bento Railway Station.  Inaugurated in 1916, the historical station is known for its beautiful tile (azulejo) panels that depict scenes of the history of Portugal.  

20140928_Ecuador_000620140928_Ecuador_0006 There are approximately 20,000 tiles and date from 1905-1916.  They were painted by the  most important azulejo painter of the time, Jorge Colaco.  

20140928_Ecuador_000720140928_Ecuador_0007 It was still raining when we left the station but we decided to head out and find a cafe for breakfast.  We picked one with great food and took a few pictures of the patrons while waiting for our food.   



20140928_Ecuador_000920140928_Ecuador_0009 Just outside of the cafe.

20140928_Ecuador_001020140928_Ecuador_0010 This shot was taken through the window of one of the cafes.





20140928_Ecuador_001420140928_Ecuador_0014 Here is a photo of Nancy.

20140928_Ecuador_001520140928_Ecuador_0015 The beautiful tiles were everywhere.

20140928_Ecuador_001620140928_Ecuador_0016 There was lots of colour in the streets with all of the umbrellas.   We actually had a lot of fun photographing in the rain.




Still raining.



20140928_Ecuador_002020140928_Ecuador_0020 This nice couple were happy to pose for me.  People in Portugal were very friendly.

20140928_Ecuador_002120140928_Ecuador_0021 An umbrella to protect the camera was a good idea.





20140928_Ecuador_002420140928_Ecuador_0024 The rain was pretty much finished by this time which is what I think this lady was thinking about.  Next, the afternoon in Porto in nice weather.  Nancy and I were actually very happy that it rained in the morning as it made for some  interesting photo opportunities.  We were almost sorry to see it end.



Some wonderful photos here, Marsha. I really liked the B/W double shots, that color one at the tourist booth and the natural people shots - the ones without smiles.
Jane Jamison(non-registered)
Interesting. My "travel karma" has, so far, worked--except the one day in the Shetlands. Was the umbrella the only camera protection you had?
Connie Brobeck(non-registered)
My first view of your photo blog. What an inspiration! I like that images are in both colour and b&w. And one seemed iPhone-ish (do you shoot with an iPhone, too? If so, what camera app?) Do you choose colour-vs-b&w while you're shooting, or when editing?
I love the street photography too. I find the people add a lot of character and interest.
Marsha! So good! You definitely mastered street photography!
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