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Last twenty four hours in Lisbon

June 25, 2015  •  9 Comments

Our last afternoon in Lisbon was spent exploring more of the city and getting caught in a rainstorm.

20140922_Ecuador_010420140922_Ecuador_0104 We made our way back to the downtown section after spending the morning in the Alfama neighbourhood.  We walked around  looking for a cafe to stop and have lunch.



20140922_Ecuador_010720140922_Ecuador_0107 There were no shortage of cafes in the area.

20140922_Ecuador_010820140922_Ecuador_0108 I was just taking a photo of the door when it opened.  



20140922_Ecuador_011320140922_Ecuador_0113 We had barely finished lunch when the rain started and just didn't stop.  People were going for cover in the shops and hotels.  The city drains could not handle the amount of rain that was falling.  Some of the manholes actually were blown off and there were huge gushers of water.


We found some cover during part of the storm and ended up going into a shop and getting bags to cover our cameras. 

20140922_Ecuador_011220140922_Ecuador_0112 Our plan had been to walk back to the hotel but the rain kept on getting worse so four of us grabbed a cab to go back to the hotel.

20140922_Ecuador_011420140922_Ecuador_0114 This shot was taken from inside the cab through the window. 

20140922_Ecuador_011520140922_Ecuador_0115 Another shot of the water on the cab window.  The driver did an excellent job of maneuvering the cab through the water and traffic to get us back to the hotel safely.  It was no easy task.  

20140922_Ecuador_011620140922_Ecuador_0116 Well the rain finally let up and I  went for a walk around the streets near the hotel.



20140922_Ecuador_011820140922_Ecuador_0118 I ended up taking a few reflection and panning  shots.





20140922_Ecuador_012320140922_Ecuador_0123 We went for a night walk and I got a shot of the city at night.  We took a tram to a spot overlooking the city and then walked back to the hotel.

20140923_Ecuador_012420140923_Ecuador_0124 I went back to the same spot for sunrise but it was a very foggy morning. 

20140923_Ecuador_012520140923_Ecuador_0125 The Santa Casa da Miserlcordia is a Portuguese charity founded in Lisbon in 1498 by the Queen Leonar of Portugal.  



20140923_Ecuador_012720140923_Ecuador_0127 This is a photograph of one of Lisbon's major cinema/theatre buildings.  It opened in 1931 and was designed by architects Casino Branco and Carlo Florencio Dias.  Across the top of the huge facade is a stone frieze depicting stylized actors performing before a film crew and cameras.  The cinema closed in 1989 and was unused for many years until it was converted into a 134 room apartment hotel known as the Orion Eden Hotel.  The facade was modified by removing the two huge film advertising posters and providing an atrium.  Apparently the rooms are pie-shaped to fit inside the former auditorium space.

20140923_Ecuador_000120140923_Ecuador_0001 The pavement in Rossio square is composed of the unique Portuguese tiles and the design is very unusual.  The impression given is of an uneven, wavy area.  Of course when you are walking the pavement is perfectly even so the effect is very impressive.   



A great Body of work -tough to best these pictures- Great work period
Fred Langer(non-registered)
Great set - really enjoyed looking through those Marsha!
Great rain shots. When life gives you lemons....

The first window in a window shot is really good, very Salvador Dali.
Tricia Matheson(non-registered)
Loved the photos! You have really captured the beauty and romance of Lisbon. Especially liked the torrential rain and aftermath photos.
Once again great pics! Love the pic through the cab window. What a surprise when the door opened! The reflection pics are awesome too. You have a real eye for making the pics interesting.
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