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Sani Lodge

May 13, 2015  •  11 Comments

Sani Lodge is  referred to as a hidden natural paradise and I have to agree.  Deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon lies the Sani Lodge located on thousands of acres of untouched rainforest.  There are 1,500 species of trees, hundreds of climbing vines, exotic flowers, 550 species of tropical birds, 13 species of monkeys and 1,000 species of beautiful butterflies.  The staff at the lodge who were  all locals had extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity.  I was also able to watch monkeys swing through the trees but they are too far away and fast for me to photograph.  

20150115_Ecuador_000120150115_Ecuador_0001 The first night we were at the lodge there was a beautiful sunset.  This shot was taken from the dock of the lodge where the canoes were stored.



20150116_Ecuador_000720150116_Ecuador_0007 Meet Mr. Grey-winged Trumpeter, the lodge's pet bird.  Normally this bird lives deep in the jungle so we were lucky that we were able to see him.   He would follow us everywhere (even up to my room) and was very friendly  but didn't really want to stop to have his photo taken. 

20150116_Ecuador_000820150116_Ecuador_0008 Here is a shot of the lodge (dining room area) and one of the cabins.  Behind the dining room was a large bar area with comfortable chairs and a great view of the rriver.  

20150118_Ecuador_001820150118_Ecuador_0018 The bar area.  Thea taking a selfie with her new best friend.  

20150118_Ecuador_001920150118_Ecuador_0019 Jess and Mr. Trumpeter.   A captive grey-winged trumpeter named Trumpy was kept at Jersey Zoo by the author Gerald Durrell and was noted for interacting with the people and animals of the zoo.  Trumpy is mentioned in Durrell's book "Menagerie Manor".   Our Mr. Trumpeter had the same temperament. 


A great sunset.

20150117_Ecuador_001420150117_Ecuador_0014 One night after dinner we walked around the lodge and did some macro photography of frogs. 


This frog was well camouflaged as well.  It was very dark out but the guys managed to find him.




20150118_Ecuador_002020150118_Ecuador_0020 During our canoe rides we would pass by this post with bats.

20150118_Ecuador_002120150118_Ecuador_0021 I actually preferred the large turtles.

20150118_Ecuador_002220150118_Ecuador_0022 Coming back to the lodge after our late afternoon canoe ride.  




I spent one more evening taking some sunset shots.  


Last canoe coming in for the night.  Unfortunately, it was also time for us to head back to civilization.  On the last morning we were up early and made our way back to Quito.  

20150119_Ecuador_000120150119_Ecuador_0001 We started our journey back the same way we came.  We took a short canoe ride where we then walked back across the raised boardwalk through the jungle.  Then it was a three hour boat ride (took longer on the way back because of the water levels) to Coca. We had an 11.30 flight to catch to Quito which looked like it might be a close call when the police once again stopped our boat a short distance away from where we would be docking.  They were actually stopping all of the traffic on the river to check the paperwork etc.   However, we were soon on our way again.   A quick bus ride took us to the very busy, small airport in Coca where we took a flight to Quito and then an hour bus ride back to the lodge through the city.  I have to say  that after being away from city life for a couple of weeks it was a bit of a shock to be back.  We were at  the hotel by about two and then spent  a few hours walking to the market and doing some souvenir shopping before having our farewell dinner.  It was a wonderful adventure  with a great group of people.

20150120_Ecuador_000220150120_Ecuador_0002 Since I started the Ecuador blogs with a view from the plane, I thought I would end off the same way.  



Lynn Muller(non-registered)
Beautiful shots, Marsha. I loved the picture of the lodge. So quaint.
Craig Sundby(non-registered)
What an amazing place! Fantastic photos of the frogs Marsha.
Fred Langer(non-registered)
Great set Marsha! Ecuador looks like a great trip - tons of diversity. I will keep that on my bucket list. Great photos and summary of your trip!
Judith Ewell(non-registered)
Lovely shots of the Napo and the Lodge. And, like everyone else, I also really really liked the frogs! Must have been a great trip.
Lynn Muller(non-registered)
All your shots are beautiful, Marsha. I especially liked the turtle with his one leg up ready to take another step. I also really liked the camouflaged frog.
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