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Omis, Croatia

December 04, 2015  •  8 Comments

On our last day in the area we visited the town of Omis.  First of all we drove past the town to stop for coffee in a place called Radmanove Mlinice.  Unfortunately, the weather was still raining on and off.    

20150522_Ecuador_000820150522_Ecuador_0008 The scenery on the drive from Split  was pretty spectacular- the Cetina River over the course of time cut a magnificent canyon in the surrounding mountains.  The Cetina's power moved the wheels of mills for centuries before flowing into the sea.  Pictured above is an old mill.  The mills were first mentioned in the early 17th century and began to flourish in the 19th century when they were renovated by the Radman family.  

The Radman mills have been converted into a restaurant and picnic area.  Although it looks like the building pictured above could be a hotel, I didn't see this mentioned anywhere.  

It would have been fun to go on a river trip but the weather really wasn't conducive for boating.

The weather really was this dreary and moody but at least the rain had stopped.

20150522_Ecuador_000520150522_Ecuador_0005 Home made bread was being made here. The Radmanove Mlinice is actually famous for its bread baked under an iron lid (peka) and for fresh trout that is caught in their river.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try their bread but it sure looked good.  

I liked the moody feel of the place, but I'm sure on a sunny day the scene would have been totally different.




Our next stop was Omis, a small central Dalmatian town and harbour located between Split and Makarska situated in the mouth of the Cetina River, surrounded by massive gorges.  

20150522_Ecuador_001020150522_Ecuador_0010 Omis was well known in the past by the Corsairs of Almissa, whose Sagittas (ships) brought fame to them because they were built for attack and fast retrieval into the mouth of the River, protecting the town from foreign invaders.  At a very early date, neighbours of the Corsairs, the highlanders of Poljica Principality, became their friends and allies.  This allowed the Corsairs  (or pirates of Omis) to harass the seaborne trade, without fear of a sudden attack from the inland.   



20150522_Ecuador_001320150522_Ecuador_0013 We walked along the shore in town.  The Omis Riviera stretches for twenty kilometres (12 miles) along a beautiful coast with many perfect pebble, sandy beaches, bays, steep cliffs and a crystal clear sea.  



Walking in the marina with the town in the background.

20150522_Ecuador_001620150522_Ecuador_0016 This photo was taken from the Omis Cetina Bridge in town.

20150522_Ecuador_001720150522_Ecuador_0017 One of the old streets in the town.







20150522_Ecuador_002120150522_Ecuador_0021 Looking through the tunnel on the way into town coming from Radmanove Mlinice.

20150522_Ecuador_002220150522_Ecuador_0022 Close up view of the buildings in town.



20150522_Ecuador_002420150522_Ecuador_0024 The bread looked great in this bakery.  



20150522_Ecuador_002620150522_Ecuador_0026 The rain had held off for most of the morning, apart for a few minutes where we stopped in a cafe.  However, the clouds were certainly threatening. 



20150522_Ecuador_002820150522_Ecuador_0028 I liked the patterns  and colours that I saw while walking on the beach.  

20150522_Ecuador_002920150522_Ecuador_0029 By this point Roman was trying to hurry me on a bit because we could see the rain coming and we still had to check out some old boats.   

20150522_Ecuador_003120150522_Ecuador_0031 This was one of the old rusty boats that we wanted to photograph.





20150522_Ecuador_003420150522_Ecuador_0034 It was a race between getting the photos I wanted and the approaching storm.  

20150522_Ecuador_003520150522_Ecuador_0035 I still had time for a photo of this boat before we headed back to the car.  Fortunately, we made it back to the car just before the heavy rain started up again.

20150522_Ecuador_003620150522_Ecuador_0036 The weather did clear up at the end of the day so I took a few sunset shots after dinner.



Jenny K(non-registered)
Again, lovely images. They really give a sense of place.
I love these pictures, Marsha. They are fabulous. The contrast of the poppies in the field against the grey sky is wonderful. The close-up of the buildings is great and I think that the two boats in the river is amazing. Help - I'm running out of adjectives.
One can almost smell the bread!
Ralph (Registered)(non-registered)
Your pictures make this village very attractive to visit.
Lynn Muller(non-registered)
Such ominous clouds! These photos are wonderful! I found it difficult to pick a favourite; but I think it was the regrowing trees on the beach with the poppies. Keep up the fabulous work, Marsha
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