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Neretva Valley

December 13, 2015  •  8 Comments

After we left Split, we drove to Dubrovnik taking a detour to visit some friends of Romans who own a restaurant in a small vilage in the Neretva Valley.  The Neretva River is the largest river of the eastern part of the Adriatic basin.  The river flows through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and is the largest karst river in the Dynamic Alps in the eastern part of the Adriatic basin.  Its total length is 230 kilometres (143 miles).  

20150523_Ecuador_000120150523_Ecuador_0001 On the way, Roman pulled off the road so I could photograph this town on the sea.

20150523_Ecuador_000220150523_Ecuador_0002 There were some pretty dramatic clouds in the sky today.


20150523_Ecuador_000520150523_Ecuador_0005 The Norin River is a tributary of the Neretva River.  This photo was taken in the tiny village where Roman's friends lived.  I decided to go and explore the area while Roman was visiting. 

20150523_Ecuador_000620150523_Ecuador_0006 The town cemetery.  


20150523_Ecuador_000820150523_Ecuador_0008 Overlooking the houses in the town.

20150523_Ecuador_000920150523_Ecuador_0009 A boat on the river.  Romans' friends give  tours on the river.  Roman asked me if I thought I would like to come back here for a boat ride later on in the week.  I agreed that would be a lot of fun so stay tuned for some photos taken later in the week.  


On the coastal road to Durbrovnik we stopped to take a few photos and admire the scenery.

20150523_Portfolio Photos_011020150523_Portfolio Photos_0110 We got to the hotel around six and I explored the area after settling into the hotel and having dinner.  The gorgeous hotel was on the water about fifteen minutes from Dubrovnik.  There was some beautiful light at this time of the day.  I spent a couple of hours outside waiting for the sun to set.  

20150523_Ecuador_001520150523_Ecuador_0015 There were a few people around.  These guys were on a tour of the area and I had a nice chat with them.


Roman got a better photo of this boat passing through from the balcony in his room.  Each room in the hotel  had a view of the ocean.

20150523_Ecuador_001720150523_Ecuador_0017 During the evening, I also tried some longer exposures which is always fun.

20150523_Portfolio Photos_011120150523_Portfolio Photos_0111




20150523_Ecuador_002020150523_Ecuador_0020 There were some amazing clouds out.



20150523_Ecuador_002220150523_Ecuador_0022 Here is a photograph of the hotel we stayed at, viewed from the back.   The hotel itself was beautiful and the breakfast buffet was outstanding.  I was happy to be staying here for the next six nights. 



20150523_Ecuador_002420150523_Ecuador_0024 One last shot of the evening.  



I love all the shots in this blog but the seascapes and the sunsets are really spectacular. I also love the boat shot. I could go on but you get the idea. Great work Marsha!
What a gorgeous landscapes! I love the long exposure and with dramatic clouds the best!
I especially like the long exposures. they are always different
What wonderful shots! I particularly liked the dramatic skies and clouds in many of them and especially the green,green photo with the boat shaped like a leaf. The subject and the exposure were special.
Jenny Kirkpatrick(non-registered)
Marsha, Another great blog ! Looking forward to seeing your images of Dubrovnik. I had a wonderful time shooting there.
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