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Split in the rain, part II

November 27, 2015  •  8 Comments

20150521_Ecuador_002020150521_Ecuador_0020 We continued on walking in the rain.  Fortunately my camera and lens are waterproof.  The umbrellas   added some nice colours and interest to the scene.

20150521_Ecuador_002120150521_Ecuador_0021 The Republic Square west of Diocletian's Palace.  Its official name is Prokurative.  

We walked over to the covered market and saw this worker on a break.

20150521_Ecuador_002320150521_Ecuador_0023 20150521_Ecuador_002420150521_Ecuador_0024 We talked to this nice couple - I think they were from Germany.

20150521_Ecuador_002520150521_Ecuador_0025 If anyone wanted to find out their weight, this was the opportunity.  

20150521_Ecuador_002620150521_Ecuador_0026 More rain.  The showers were intermittent.  






20150521_Ecuador_003020150521_Ecuador_0030 20150521_Ecuador_003120150521_Ecuador_0031

This lady's camera was not waterproof so she was fortunate to have an assistant.

20150521_Ecuador_003220150521_Ecuador_0032 20150521_Ecuador_000120150521_Ecuador_0001

Lots of colour in the streets.  





20150521_Ecuador_003620150521_Ecuador_0036 We decided to head back to the hotel for a break from the rain.

Later in the afternoon Roman and I visited the town of Solin, just north east  of Split.  As you can see the weather was still dreary but the rain had stopped.  Colin was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia and the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian.  After the arrival of the Avars and Slavs, the 7th century town was destroyed and its refugees moved to settlements in and around Diocletian's palace.  Today the town is a suburb of Split.   The Jadro River, approximately 4 kilometres in length,  flows through the town and provides water to cities of Split, Kastela and Trojir.  

St. Mary's Church built in 1880.  



20150521_Ecuador_000620150521_Ecuador_0006 This male Mandarin duck is a very striking looking bird.

One of the many old houses in the town.

A local fisherman that we met.  

20150521_Ecuador_000820150521_Ecuador_0008 We drove back to Split for another walk.  By now it had stopped raining.  Roman parked the car at the marina so we could get a different view of the town.





20150521_Ecuador_001120150521_Ecuador_0011 Another view of the Republic Square.  The square is a large, open square surrounded on three sides by a collection of elaborate neb-renaissance buildings.  Construction started during the latter half of the 19th century with the design of the buildings inspired by the architecture of the same period in Venice.  It was pretty quiet when we were there but during the summer months, the square becomes alive with concerts and cultural events.  The most popular event is the Musical Festival of Split.



20150521_Ecuador_000120150521_Ecuador_0001 One last shot before heading back to the hotel. 



Tricia Matheson(non-registered)
These are great! Was especially struck by the first photo. It is almost like a movie set. These fabulous architectural monuments are beautiful, no graffiti, no garbage strewn about, and with the wet streets and colourful umbrellas it looks unreal. Love the mandarin duck photo.
I really like the black & white pictures. My favourite one is of the fisherman. I also like the pictures of the harbour though the window. The duck is so colourful. It's amazing how much colour is in the pictures! Well done.
Just love all of the photos in this blog but my favourites are the black & whites and the Mandarin duck. Fabulous shots Marsha!
Carol Omaggio(non-registered)
Marsha I love your blog. Your street scenes are magnificent! They are rich in color and texture. The black and whites reflect a sense of feelings from the subjects. And your description is like a travel log. The pictures made me very interested in visiting Croatia. Enjoy your trip and say "Hello" to Roman.
Your black and white...wonderful! The Santa photo...just could be my absolute favorite!!!!
Your photos are really special!
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