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Zagreb, last day

October 08, 2015  •  6 Comments

20150517_Ecuador_004920150517_Ecuador_0049 The tall, modern building  (Zagreb skyscraper) in the background has an observation deck on top.  This building was next to my hotel so all I had to do was look for the skyscraper to find my way back.

20150517_Ecuador_005020150517_Ecuador_0050 20150517_Ecuador_005120150517_Ecuador_0051

A colourful street in the city.


The Lotrscak Tower is the only preserved medieval tower from the 13th century, slightly modified in the 19th century, with a small look-out post at the top.  The bells on top of the tower used to summon the townspeople to return to the town at sunset when the gates were locked for the night.  The tower is now famous for its cannon which is fired every day at noon.  We were in the area at the time and the noise from the firing was very loud. 



20150517_Ecuador_005420150517_Ecuador_0054 Back to the Ban Jelacic Square.  The square was originally named "Harmica", Hungarian for one thirtieth after the tax levied on the goods that were sold here in the days when the square was the city's main marketplace.  In 1848 the square was officially renamed in honour of Ban (Governor) Josip Jelacic.  After World War II, the name of the square was changed to "Republic Square" until it returned to its previous name in 1990.

20150517_Ecuador_005520150517_Ecuador_0055 A merchant selling cactus plants in the square.  

20150517_Ecuador_005620150517_Ecuador_0056 We walked through beautiful gardens in the city.

20150517_Ecuador_005720150517_Ecuador_0057 Later in the afternoon, Sonja drove Roman and I to the Mirogoj Cemetery located just outside the city centre.  Roman explained to me that the cemetery is very unique because it inters members of all religious groups: Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Latter Day Saints etc.  The cemetery was created in 1876 on a plot of land owned by the linguist Ljudevit Gaj.  


20150517_Ecuador_006120150517_Ecuador_0061 The construction of the arcades, the cupolas and the church in the entryway was begun in 1879 and the work was finished in 1929. This cemetery is the resting place of many eminent Croatians. 

20150517_Ecuador_000120150517_Ecuador_0001 20150517_Ecuador_000220150517_Ecuador_0002





This was my favourite cemetery photograph.  

20150517_Ecuador_006520150517_Ecuador_0065 Sonja picked us up from the cemetery and we headed over to the Observation Deck to take some photos overlooking the city.  The Greb Eye is an observation deck located at Ban Jelacic Square (across the street from my hotel) on the 16th floor- at the very top of the Zagreb Skyscraper.  It  was a beautiful day, although somewhat hazy however,  we had great views of the city including the Upper and Lower Towns.  The Zagreb Skyscraper was built between 1957 and 1959.  When it opened it was the tallest and most modern building in the former Yugoslavia.  The observation deck has a covered terrance and a 360-degree view.  You can sit upstairs, order a drink and admire the scenery.  




Rooftops in the city.  



20150517_Ecuador_007020150517_Ecuador_0070 Overlooking the Ban Jelacic Square.

20150517_Ecuador_000120150517_Ecuador_0001 On the left, lower side of the photo, you can see the 66-metre-long funicular that connects the Upper and Lower Town.  It is the shortest passenger cable railway in the world.  The funicular takes  only 55 seconds to get from one end to the other.   This funicular was opened in 1890 when it was powdered by steam and was the first ever means of public transportation to be opened in Zagreb, pre-dating horse drawn trams by one year.  

20150517_Ecuador_000120150517_Ecuador_0001 One of the last shots before leaving the tower.  


We walked to Upper Town in time for sunset and some nice light. ​

20150517_Portfolio Photos_010520150517_Portfolio Photos_0105 Both the Upper Town and Kaptol have kept the gas streetlights that date back to the beginning of the 19th century.   Everyday at sunset, two lamp lighters light more than 200 gas lanterns in the streets.  We waited for it to get dark so I could photograph the streetlights. 

20150517_Ecuador_007520150517_Ecuador_0075 The last shot of the night.  A tripod was not used because the security guards in this square (government buildings) do not approve of tripods to be used in this area.  



Gerda Grice(non-registered)
Wonderful shots and very informative narrative, Marsha! Looks like a wonderful place to visit and your images do it proud.
Sonja Martin(non-registered)
Dear Marsha,
thank you for those beautiful photos of my town.
Hope to see you again soon.
Gretchen Taylor(non-registered)
Thank you for taking me to Zagreb! Really nice shots...loved the photo of the kitty at the cemetery! Zagreb...on my bucket list of places to visit! Loved your blog!
I can see from these photos why you loved Zagreb. I particularly liked your introductory photo - beautifully composed to lead the eye.
Do the guards allow a monopod? I am finding it useful when tripods are forbidden.
Love the upper town and Kaptol.
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