Gros Morne, July 31st

August 17, 2016
We actually got to sleep in this morning and met at 6 AM instead of 5.30! We were headed to Woody Point and the Tablelands for the day. On the way we stopped to take a f...
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Gros Morne, July 29th and 30th.

August 06, 2016
On the morning of July 29th, the sunrise shoot was actually cancelled this morning (the one and only time). It was raining so whoever had gotten up went back to sleep. We...
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Grow Morne, July 28th

July 27, 2016
Early morning photograph of the colourful buildings in Rocky Harbour. ​The harbour was previously known as Small Bay or Little Harbour. The town is near the entrance of B...
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Gros Morne Park, July 27th

June 24, 2016
Another early morning. Today we went back to Green point, where we had been the previous evening. Natalie lent me her fish-eye lens (ultra wide angle lens) which was...
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Gros Morne Park, July 26th

June 10, 2016
This morning the group met at 5.30 AM which was our normal starting time in order to see the sunrise. We had a short drive to "The Pond" as we called it. This morning we...
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