Obidos and Queluz

August 27, 2015  •  10 Comments

I had a few hours to wander around the hotel before we packed up and left for Queluz (just outside of Lisbon).  On the way we stopped for a visit to Obidos.  
20140929_Ecuador_000120140929_Ecuador_0001 On our last morning in Porto, I debated going back to town for sunrise but I decided to walk around our pasada instead.  It turned out that it was a very cloudy and foggy morning.

20140929_Ecuador_000220140929_Ecuador_0002 An early morning view of the courtyard of our hotel.

I walked beside the river, on the road behind the hotel for a couple of hours before breakfast.  There were quite a few old, abandoned buildings.




20140929_Ecuador_000120140929_Ecuador_0001 You can see the hotel on the right side of the photo.  It was still pretty foggy out.

This photo was taken heading back to the hotel along the same road.  You can see a modern building behind.  Now it was time to return to the hotel, pack up  and leave for  Obidos.

20140929_Ecuador_000620140929_Ecuador_0006 The name "Obidos" is thought to have been  derived from the Latin term oppidum, meaning "citadel" or "fortified city".  This is the city gate of Obidos with its gorgeous "Azulejo" tiles so common in Portugal.


20140929_Ecuador_000920140929_Ecuador_0009 The castle of Obidos.   After the Christian conquest of the Arab Moors in the 12th century the necessity for a secure power base in the region required the increased fortification of the town and castle.  The walls were further strengthened in the 14th century and we ended up climbing on them (after being warned to be careful).



Obidos remains a well-preserved example of medieval architecture; its streets, squares, walls and castle is a popular tourist destination.

20140929_Ecuador_000820140929_Ecuador_0008 Gretchen posing.

A view of the railroad tracks and farmland taken from the castle.

Another view from the other side of the castle.  



I wandered around the town finding colour everywhere.  




20140929_Ecuador_000120140929_Ecuador_0001 The historic district was full of narrow, cobblestone streets.


20140929_Ecuador_001520140929_Ecuador_0015 The colourful town reminded me a bit of Cuba.


Some Portuguese men relaxing at the end of the day.

20140929_Ecuador_002020140929_Ecuador_0020 We arrived in Queluz late in the afternoon.  The photo above is the hotel where we stayed, the Pousada of D. Maria.    The hotel was formerly the servants quarters/annex of the Queluz National Palace.  

20140929_Ecuador_001720140929_Ecuador_0017 Since there was still some great light, I ended up wandering around the hotel.

20140929_Ecuador_001820140929_Ecuador_0018 I asked these people if I could take their photo by just pointing to my camera and they were happy to pose.



A guard on duty at the palace which was located beside our hotel.  I also asked him if it was ok for me to take his photo.  

20140929_Ecuador_002320140929_Ecuador_0023 One of the streets near the hotel.


20140929_Ecuador_002220140929_Ecuador_0022 Next up, Sintra.



What a wonderful blog and photography!!!!
Lynn Muller(non-registered)
Well, Marsha, I have to say that I think this is my favourite of your blogs so far. I love the way you've captured the truth of the city, especially the people. Loved the picture of the door, of course. This is a beautiful place. I really liked the way you captured the boat. I don't know what type of specialty shot that was, but it was very appealing.
DORIS DIAMOND(non-registered)
Super photos - loved the black and white architecture, the people, and the foggy harbor! They are all stunning!
Gretchen Taylor(non-registered)
what a glorious mix of images...both color and black and white...landscape and did it all and did it so well. Nice, nice...wonderful!
Fred Langer(non-registered)
Another great post Marsha! Enjoying the additional variety and creativity in your sets with shadow, reflection, color, and blur.
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