Split, Croatia

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20150520_Croatia20150520_Croatia We arrived at Le Meridien Lav, our hotel in Potstrana late in the afternoon.  Potstana is just outside of Split, about 8 km away.  Before going out to dinner, I walked around the grounds.  

20150520_Ecuador_000220150520_Ecuador_0002 The hotel had both an indoor and outdoor pool and a spa area, not that I had a chance to use any of the facilities.

20150520_Ecuador_000320150520_Ecuador_0003 The beach at the hotel.  

20150520_Ecuador_000420150520_Ecuador_0004 We drove into Split for an early dinner at Matoni, an excellent restaurant in Split with amazing food.  Roman had a friend who recommended the restaurant and we ended up eating their twice since it was so good.  We also had excellent service- the first night I didn't even see a menu.  Roman told the owner/chef that I liked pasta and it was like  I was in Italy- the pasta and sauce were homemade.  After  eating an early dinner , we went to the old section of Split and walked around.


20150520_Portfolio Photos_010920150520_Portfolio Photos_0109 20150520_Ecuador_000620150520_Ecuador_0006


The Diocletian's Palace is an ancient palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century AD.  Today the palace forms the centre of the city.  The structure is massive and kind of resembles a large fortress.  About half of the palace was for Diocletian's personal use and the rest was used for the military garrison.  After the Romans abandoned the site, the palace remained empty for several centuries.  In the 7th century, nearby residents fled to the walled palace to escape invading Slavs.  Since then (even now) the palace has been occupied, with residents making their homes and businesses within the palace basement and directly in its walls.  


20150520_Ecuador_000720150520_Ecuador_0007 The Palace, in the centre of Split is one of the most famous and complete architectural and cultural features in the Croatian Adriatic coast.  It is considered the world's most complete remains of a Roman palace.  In November 1979 UNESCO adopted a proposal that the historic city of Split built around the Palace should be included in the register of World Cultural Heritage.   In spite of the area being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Monument, the city council in 2006 decided to permit over twenty new buildings within the palace (including a shopping and garage complex).  The decision was most likely politically motivated and largely due to lobbying by local property developers.  Once the public became aware of the decision in 2007, they petitioned against the decision and won.  No new buildings were ever built.  

20150520_Ecuador_000820150520_Ecuador_0008 One of the streets in the old part of town.

20150520_Ecuador_000920150520_Ecuador_0009 As it was getting later we made our way down to the water to take a couple of night photos.




20150520_Ecuador_001020150520_Ecuador_0010 The walk beside the water was very beautiful.  




The last shot of the evening before we drove back to the hotel.

20150521_Ecuador_001620150521_Ecuador_0016 The next morning we headed back into Split in the rain. We sat outside in the cafe and people watched.  Then I wandered around in the square for a little while.   I never could quite figure out what everyone was looking at so seriously- I guess the architecture.  


20150521_Ecuador_001720150521_Ecuador_0017 There were lots of interesting shops.


Its actually fun photographing in the rain as long as its not raining too hard.  Fortunately, my camera and lenses are water proof and I haven't had any issues so far.  

20150521_Ecuador_001220150521_Ecuador_0012 Some old houses that I liked the look of.



Jane Jamiaon(non-registered)
I really liked the night shots, and I sympathize with the rainy day challenges. Why is it that our schedules always include time at the beach or pool and we never get to enjoy either??
I loved Split when we were there a few years ago. The palace was a real highlight of the trip and your pictures brought back wonderful memories!
Amazing place! The shot inside the pool is very different. Like for advertising brochure. Good for you Marsha! I would never think of taking shot like that. I also love shot of the girl walking in the rain.
Old town...wonderful! Evening shots just super. I can just see you with your tripod! Especially loved the photo of the woman with the brightly color umbrella! Nice, really nice...!
Ah, to see Split again - wonderful! What I remember about the palace was there was a bar inside and rock music playing. Loved the photos of the green store front.
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