Primosten, Croatia

November 05, 2015  •  5 Comments

Roman and I spent a couple of days in the area of Primosten, a former fishing village on the Adriatic Sea.  Today, Primosten is one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic.   We also visited a few other towns in the area.

The map shows Primosten and its surrounding area.  The map shows  Vodice Island and the KrKa National Park where we had been the day before.  We would visit Sibenik and Trogir  before driving  to Split.  

20150519_Ecuador_000120150519_Ecuador_0001 The town of Primosten.  Primosten is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Dalmatia.  During the Turkish invasions in 1542 the small island was protected by the walls and towers and a draw bridge connected it to the mainland.  When the Turks retreated, the draw bridge was replaced by a causeway.  In 1564, the settlement was named Primosten after the Croatian verb primostiti (to span).  

20150519_Ecuador_000520150519_Ecuador_0005 Overlooking one of the houses.

20150519_Ecuador_000220150519_Ecuador_0002 The old town of Primosten is situated on a hilly peninsula surrounded by seven small islands.  As we walked in the old town we came across narrow streets and stone houses with very old roofs.

20150519_Ecuador_000120150519_Ecuador_0001 A typical street in the old town.





St. George Church with a cemetery behind it  was built in 1485.  The church sitting on top of the hill was restored in the 18th century.  



20150519_Ecuador_000920150519_Ecuador_0009 Roman and I stayed in one of these apartments.  The one in this photo is just like the one we stayed in but our unit was higher up and close to the road.   It was a beautiful, modern apartment with a terrific view overlooking the sea.  


The stairs down to the beach.

20150519_Ecuador_000820150519_Ecuador_0008 The beach down below the apartments.  

20150519_Ecuador_001020150519_Ecuador_0010 After dinner Roman and I photographed Primosten at sunset.




Lynn Muller(non-registered)
I'm really enjoying the tour of Croatia that you've been taking us on, Marsha. Everything in Primosten seems so quaint. It's as if nothing has been spoiled, but lovingly kept. The phot of the island with the lights is beautiful. Thanks again, Marsha.
The photos are beautiful. They are very interesting - beautiful colours and a truly lovely place to photograph.
I heard that Croatia is a beautiful country, but never thought it looks like that. I should put it on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.
Jane Jamison(non-registered)
Looks like a beautiful spot, Marsha. I love the place you all stayed--and its access to a beautiful beach. She night shots were especially beautiful. I also liked the window reflection or peep through--couldn't tell (which is a compliment!).
A beautiful seaside village well photographed. Marsha brings out all the charm and beauty
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